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The Power Retail Sustainability Index Launches in Partnership with The Purpose Agents

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Social and environmental responsibility are everyone’s business.

Next to the obvious moral imperative and customer demand to act, they are also an important risk management tool to ensure future relevancy and operational resilience.

2020 has been a year of many shocks to our planet, its people and the way businesses operate and respond. The urgency for our global and business community to come together and drive positive change could not be more pronounced.

The Purpose Agents have partnered with Power Retail to develop the Power Retail Sustainability Index, to drive awareness in the Australian retail industry, develop a benchmark for sustainable retail businesses and highlight best practice.

The questionnaire is derived from the triple bottom line theory whereby companies should be working on achieving positive results with regard to three bottom lines:

Profit: The traditional measure of corporate success

People: The measure of social responsibility when doing business

Planet: The measure of environmental responsibility when doing business

Grant Arnott, publisher of Power Retail explains: “In order to give the Power Retail Sustainability Index the substance it needs, we engaged with The Purpose Agents to guide the methodology by which ranking and scoring on sustainability in e-commerce is achieved.”

“The Purpose Agents are passionate, knowledgeable and driven to see positive change in business' approach to sustainability and social responsibility practices. Their consultation has ensured the methodology used is robust, comprehensive and transparent.”

At The Purpose Agents, we are very excited about the launch of the Power Retail Sustainability Index - a first in the Australian retail ecosystem and a testament to Power Retail’s commitment to drive positive change in the industry. We need business as an active agent in driving positive societal change and sustainable growth and we see this as an opportunity for Australian retailers to show true leadership.

To take part in the Power Retail Sustainability Index, follow this link to make your submission now. Entries close September 25th.



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