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Our Toolkit

Market Analysis

Identifying Business Opportunities & Managing Risk

We use tools such as the Flourishing Business Model Canvas, Risk & Opportunity Analysis, Scenario Analysis and Value Mapping. They provide a deeper understanding of value creation opportunities in your business and how to implement economic, social, and environmental benefits while building resilience and avoiding risk.

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Transforming Business Model, Operations & Supply Chain

Using tools such as cradle-to-grave life cycle and material flow analysis, we can analyse the inputs, outputs, and potential environmental impacts of a product throughout its life cycle. We then pair these findings with our extensive knowledge in impact reduction, sustainable materials and production techniques and develop a tailored action plan for decarbonisation and circularity.

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Human Rights & Working Conditions

With value chain mapping and risk analysis tools we can help map the tiers of your supply chain to improve transparency, increase customer trust, and give you peace of mind. We can also provide guidance in choosing internationally accredited certification schemes and help with compliance matters such as the Modern Slavery statement due at the end of the Australian financial year.

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