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How we can help

The Purpose Agents provide strategic advice to devise and implement sustainability and social impact initiatives aligned with your company values. We apply in-depth experience, comprehensive knowledge and recognised tools to set and further sustainability goals.

Identifying New Business Opportunities, Managing Risk & Devising Sustainable Business Strategy

We assist in navigating future economic, environmental and regulatory uncertainty and guide you through discovering new business models and opportunities to access new markets and customer groups. We help define new strategic directions and help with risk management and reporting requirements (e.g., Modern Slavery Reporting and Due Diligence, APCO reporting, ISSB reporting etc).

Impact and Emissions Reduction in Operations & Supply Chain & Circularity

We help drive operational transformations by measuring and analysing energy and carbon emissions intensity of your products, processes and facilities, devising effective reduction strategies and implementing circular economy principles to support your journey to Net Zero. We can also help design robust strategies to introduce lower impact/certified sustainable materials, or reduce packaging and waste.

Internal and External Stakeholder Engagement, Training and Education

We support in collaborative design, development and delivery of sustainability initiatives and run training sessions and workshops with internal teams to instil new values, drive cultural change and manage risk. We help engage with external stakeholders to understand needs, risks and opportunities and ensure all important voices are being heard on this important transformational journey. Additionally, we help communicate your work.

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